"We Got Chickens" all began because, well, Abby got chickens. This is her second small flock, which sort of happened by intentional accident. Suggesting a trip to the local farm supply store to see if they had plastic culvert pipes to turn into play equipment for her younger brother, she stumbled upon a spring sale of chicks. Instead of walking out with pipe, she walked out of the store with a box of 10, chirpy 1 day-old chicks, supplies, and a face full of pure joy from ear to ear.

Besides capturing the amusing behavior of her chickens in her spare time, Abby pursues writing novels, animation, pen/ink and digital illustration, and working with her parents at their design, media, and publishing company. Her first novel, "The Antediluvians" is a family-friendly, 500+ page self-illustrated prehistoric meets futuristic sci-fiction trilogy, chronicling the journey of a young Utahraptor who must free her valley home from a tyrannical illegitimate Acrocanthosaurus king. Book two, "The Antediluvians 2 - Multiple Targets" continues the story in the trilogy, and was released in the fall of 2019. The third book in "The Antediluvians" trilogy will be released the fall of 2020. Abby’s upcoming fourth novel injects characters from “The Antediluvians” storyline, and introduces her new historical science fiction series, which follows a young heroine as she works through the complexities of finding an ethical and moral compass whilst traveling throughout the Civil War South. This fourth book is slated to be pitched to the Big Screen. A musical soundtrack for it, using her song lyrics, is currently being scored in the recording studio.

Abby has also designed a line of tshirts, focusing on 5 different series, including "RESPONDER", "AMERICA", "LIFE", "THE 7 MOUNTAINS", and "THE SKETCHES." Her tshirts and ordering information can be found at her Abby Black website, below.

For more information where you can purchase "The Antediluvians" in both digital and print, visit Abby's main website at www.abbyblack.com, or visit her publisher at www.southmainmedia.com.